Coming For Treament

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Coming for an acupuncture treatment is very simple and straightforward.

Initially it is all about gathering information. This forms the basis of the diagnosis.

We start by talking about what has brought you for a treatment – the main issue that is troubling you.  I get you to describe what the problem is and then we talk about it. Usually this involves me asking a lot of questions – some directly related to the problem, others not so obviously related.

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I will ask to see your tongue and I will also take your pulse – both the tongue and pulse are great diagnostic tools in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

If it is the first time you have been for a treatment I will ask you about your medical history and any medication you are currently taking. I may also ask you about your family and their medical history – not a lot: just enough to complete the picture.

I collate and evaluate the information gathered and from it form a diagnosis.

We then discuss the diagnosis and agree how best to restore you to health.

Whilst I will lead this, you have a vital role to play in managing your own health. Restoring health is rarely as simple as just an acupuncture treatment. It may involve life style or dietary changes. It may involve taking herbs. Whatever we agree on it has to work for you – and we will spend time ensuring that it does.

When we have agreed the treatment, I will put the needles in.

Normally people lie on the treatment couch when they are treated. Many treatments can be accomplished without removing clothing – it’s easier for both of us if we can do this. However it is not always possible, so you may have to shed some clothes.

The needles stay in for about 20 minutes or so. Most people find the treatment very relaxing.

After the treatment, I recommend that you do not attempt anything strenuous or taxing for an hour or so.

All in all the treatment will last between 45minutes and an hour.

Will it hurt?

A lot of people ask this question.

A lot more people have already decided the answer before they ask the question!

The honest answer is – it depends!!!! Some points are more sensitive than others. Some conditions make you more sensitive to the needles.

The bottom line is that it you rarely feel it as much you fear you are going to.

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